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How to Uninstall Skype Completely on Windows 10
I used to love Skype. The quality of video conferencing was unparalleled. Skype used to be the buzzword we used when we wanted to connect with friends, family or colleagues. Not anymore!
Since Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, the communication platform has changed rapidly from the sleek, friendly software that we users once used to adore.
Skype was once the only platform, joining companies like Google and Facebook whose services are so important to us. We still question the Google; we chat on WhatsApp with friends ... but we no longer use Skype.
Court? Perhaps. But as technology advances, we sometimes have to move forward because we always prefer to try better things in our life, right? Don't get me wrong though, some of us still use Skype occasionally.
One thing most of us find annoying about the app is Skype opening on its own. Skype keeps starting automatically every time we open our HP laptop (Windows 10, 64-bit). The worse thing is, sometimes it ran in the background in a "sneaky" way, over-consuming system resources on our computer. Does this sound familiar to you?
Why does Skype start randomly? How do you disable it? How to completely uninstall Skype for business from your device? Questions like these always come to our heads.
That's why we wrote our blog, sharing many different ways to help you get rid of Skype on your PC - so your computer can start up faster and you get more work done in the meantime. So feel free to visit our blog to know more in details about How to uninstall skype on windows.

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