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Pro Blast XL Psychologists advise: you only need to share those dreams that your loved one can share and that you can bring to life together. If sometimes instead of a partner you represent a "star" - do not worry. And if this phenomenon has acquired a pathological character and without imagination the person does not excite you, it's time to either turn to a psychologist or look for someone with whom it will be pleasant without attracting imagination. Sexual fantasies: what to do with them? Everyone chooses whether to embody sexual fantasies in life. According to statistics, they decide to make erotic dreams come true with a maximum of 10% of people. But if the embodiment of sexual fantasies can lead you into conflict with the law, leave dreams to dreams better. But fantasies about sex with a stranger or a striptease may well find its embodiment. At the same time, please note that in fact everything may turn out to be a little different than you imagine. Therefore, in advance agree with your partner about the line of conduct, so that your dream in reality would be exactly the same as in imagination. And do not look for a continuation: the fantasies of those are good because they are recalled by a wondrous fairy tale, and not a chore. So fantasize, if it helps to diversify the sex life, bring desires to life, if you are not afraid that you will be disappointed after this, and at the same time do not substitute real sex with real man with your fantasy! As they say, the friendship between a man and a woman ends sooner or later with sex. This, of course, does not always happen, but very often. The question is whether to translate a good friendship in an intimate sphere. All the pros and cons, you can weigh by reading our article. Benefits Sex without limits. The most obvious advantage is simplicity in relationships. Those. you have a sexual partner, you do not need to look for it on the side, moreover, your sexual relations are built on the absence of pressures and restrictions, and, of course, the emotional side of the issue.

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