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Aqualeva Face Cream And because lemons, tangerines, grapefruits, oranges should be present on your table regularly. Marine products (fish, shrimp, squid, seaweed) useful for its content of zinc and omega-3. Lack of zinc in the body leads to early aging, in addition, this element helps to fight acne and improves the complexion. Fatty acids maintain skin elasticity and protect it from dehydration. A variety of cereals is a guarantee of health and beauty not only of the skin, but of the whole organism. Cereal contains fiber, vitamin B, ruin. These substances help the body to slow down the aging process. Buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley will help your skin stay young and ruddy. Any nuts contain vitamin E, which is indispensable for the beauty of the skin. They give the face tenderness, elasticity, smoothness. Eat a handful of nuts any day — this will help your skin stay hydrated, will weaken its susceptibility to ultraviolet radiation. Hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts - eat exactly the ones that you like best. Nuts are pretty heavy food, so eat them in small quantities. Classically perfect is the oval shape of a human face. But in nature, such outlines occur infrequently, and many girls try to “fit” their image to the ideal with the help of cosmetics and visual effects. Having determined exactly what features you have endowed nature with, you can easily emphasize your undoubted advantages and make unnoticeable those details that you do not like. In simplified form, all faces of people can be represented as such figures as oval, rectangle, square, circle, triangles with a base at the top and bottom, a rhombus. To figure out what kind of "geometry" is characteristic of your face, collect your hair so that it does not cover the contours of the face and stand in front of a mirror. After that, arm yourself with a tube of lipstick and put control points on your reflection.

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