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Double X Male Enhancement

Remember that you (s) will be doing you a favor and decrease your own chances of re-infection. How can you prevent an STD? Of course, like AIDS, we can prevent other sexually transmitted diseases and this is ideal. Double X Male Enhancement only thing that provides 100% protection is abstinence (not having sexual contact) or when 2 people who are not infected have sexual contact only between them. If not, there are certain things you can do to reduce your risk . Use condom or latex condom . It works as a barrier if used every time and correctly. Be sure not to use an oil lubricant as it can cause Double X Male Enhancement condom to fail. Use a latex dental dike correctly (in cases where condoms are not applied) as in Double X Male Enhancement case of oral sex. And do not use a lubricant with oil. Limit and meet your sexual contacts. Avoid having sex with a person who has a venereal disease until it is cured. Both in Double X Male Enhancement couple can get tested for HIV before having sex. But remember that there are no good tests for herpes, or for HPV in men. Get vaccinated against HPV and hepatitis B before you start having sex. If you have relationships with someone at high risk of being infected with HIV, talk to your doctor about taking Truvada . This medicine is only suitable for people who are not infected with HIV or hepatitis B virus. It should be taken daily and a condom or condom should be used anyway. If you are a man and you think you may be at risk of contracting HIV, HPV or herpes, in addition to using a condom, talk to your doctor about Double X Male Enhancement possibility of having a circumcision . 

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